Southampton Astronomical Society Founded 1924




Feb 8th 2018

  Philip Wiseman

"Exploding stars: What are supernovae, and why do we care?"

Mar 8th 2018

 Aru Beri

“Black holes: If they're black, how come they’re so bright?”

Apr 12th 2018

David Williamson

 “Space-gas in a super-computer - from galaxies to black holes”

May 10th 2018

Prof. Malcolm Coe (Southampton)

“Want to buy shares in my asteroid mining company?”

Jun 14th  2018

Michael Hobbs

Ian Gore

"What  are the M Objects, and why do we need them?"

"Moon Dust"

Jul  12th 2018

Graham Bryant

"Debunking the Apollo Hoax Conspiracists"

Sept 13th 2018

AGM & John Thompson Memorial Lecture delivered by  Dr Lilian Hobbs.

Oct 11th

Jerry Workman


 Nov 8th

Leor Barack

“What's inside a black hole?”

Dec 13th

Film evening and American Supper

Programme  2017 / 2018 All Society meetings are held at the Isaac Watts Memorial Church Hall, Winchester Road, Southampton SO16 6TS at 7:30pm.  The hall is 5-10 mins drive from  University of Southampton .  Club Evenings are held at Members' homes.