Southampton Astronomical Society Founded 1924




Nov 9th 2017

Prof. Ian Jones

University of Southampton

"Gravitational Wave Astronomy: A New Window on the Universe"

Dec 14th 2017

Films & American Supper

Jan 11th 2018

Olivia Williamson (Young Astrophotographer of the Year)

SAS members

Short Talk

An absolute beginners practical session  -  How to use a telescope

Feb 8th 2018

  Philip Wiseman

"Exploding stars: What are supernovae, and why do we care?"

Mar 8th 2018

 Aru Beri

“Black holes: If they're black, how come they’re so bright?”

Apr 12th 2018

David Williamson

  “Space-gas in a super-computer - from galaxies to black holes”

May 10th 2018

Prof. Malcolm Coe (Southampton)

“Want to buy shares in my asteroid mining company?”

Programme  2017 / 2018 All Society meetings are held at the Isaac Watts Memorial Church Hall, Winchester Road, Southampton SO16 6TS at 7:30pm.  The hall is 5-10 mins drive from  University of Southampton .  Club Evenings are held at Members' homes.