Founded 1924 Observatories are wonderful things, but they're expensive to maintain and typically only a few members of a society use them.  Instead, we  have a number of telescopes available for loan to members:-  . Telescopes

Solarscope. 40mm f4.5

Meade ETX 60 f5.8 GO-TO.

Tasco 60mm f11.6 refractor.

Dollond 3” (75mm) f15 refractor.

TAL 4” (102mm) f10 refractor.

TVS 6” (152mm) f6 Dobsonian reflector

City of Southampton 6 ¼” (159mm) f8 Dobsonian reflector.

Max Morgan 8” (203) f6 Newtonian reflector, Equatorial mount

Stan Cargill 8 ½” (215mm) f7.5 Newtonian reflector, Equatorial mount.

George Tiller 8 ¾” (222mm) f8 Newtonian reflector, Equatorial mount.

8 ¾” (222mm) f8Dobsonian

Equatorial mount.